vGATE 7.2

The following software are installed on this machine:

  • gcc 4.8.4
  • CMake 3.5.0
  • Geant4 10.02
  • Root 5.34
  • Gate 7.2
  • ITK 4.9.0
  • RTK 1.2.0
  • vV 1.3
  • ImageJ 1.48
  • lmf 3.0
  • ecat7

vGate stands for Virtual Gate. It is a complete virtual machine running an Ubuntu 64bits operating system and made using the free software Virtual Box. This virtual machine can be run on any host machine (Linux, Windows, MacOS, ...) provided the Virtual Box program is installed and ready for use.

With vGate you can launch your first GATE simulation in just a few steps! No need to install anything, no need to configure anything, and no time spent to understand compilation and related stuff. A full Linux environment is totally set up to be able to use GATE just by launching a simple command: "Gate".