Related projects

The following projects are related to the GATE community:

  • NIH grant R03 EB020097 ($100,000) to support optical models for scintillators, contact: Emilie Roncali
  • SPEDIV project, funded by PhysiCancer 2016 supported by AVIESAN and INCA, contact: David Sarrut
  • t-GATE (" Theranostic-GATE") project, funded by ANR, contact: Dimitris Visvikis
  • MC-SMART ("Monte-Carlo SMall Animal Radiation Therapy") project, funded by PhysiCancer 2012 supported by AVIESAN and INCA, contact: Gregory Delpon
  • Labex Primes, involving GATE developments, contact: David Sarrut

Other Monte Carlo simulation resources: