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Physics-list selection and recommendations

With the new Gate versions 7.0 and above, it is recommended to use the Physics-builder mechanism, using predefined physics-lists ( Recommended Geant4 physics-list for medical applications)
For Geant4 versions 9.6, 10.0 an above, the best Geant4 physics models for nuclear interactions may be obtained with QBBC (Binary cascade), Shielding (QMD), FTFP_INCLXX (INCL++ cascade).
For electromagnetic interactions, EMY == Opt3 , EMZ== Opt4 standard physics are recommended (ion and proton stopping are more accurate due to ICRU73 data and more fine step limits).
Physics-list builder candidates are:

Nevertheless, it is still possible to apply different physics models or parameters on top of the build physics-lists and recommendations for previous Gate/Geant4 releases may still be useful.
Recommendations derived from Grevillot et al. NIMB 2010 for protons and carbon ions are proposed as couples physics-list/parameters list and can be downloaded below:

Additional possibilities